18 mai 2010

Revenue d'Angleterre,un coup d' oeil ? / Back from England,want to see?

Dans le shuttle

I love England and i've been there many many times ; i've travelled by the air,by the sea,by train but yesterday it was an amazing discover : below the sea.
Park your car in the train , relax 35 mn and you're in England.
Drive another 30 mn and you're in Canterbury : lovely town famous for its cathedral (and should be for its NUMEROUS shops).
Old stones and shopping : a place for me !

And it's always great to sit in a typical Coffee Shop near the Christmas tree or the mantle to eat scones(i'm a scone addict u got to know that) ,to shop in these huge card's shops (we don't have such  beautiful cards in France),to wander in M and Spencer...
ah!and hearing english language all day long,whish i could speak(and write) english fluently , with that perfect pronounciation (sigh...).
By the the way,this is the perfect moment to apologize  for all the mistakes i write in my posts (i don't use any translator,the google one is crappy-shitty, whatever...).

In my next post i'll show you what i' ve brought and you' ll see the terrible weather conditions we had to get through on our way back home...
Voilà! c'est tout! A très vite!

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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